The simple way to Backup and Restore device configuration
In today’s complex IT infrastructures, networking and security devices have become critical elements in allowing the continuity of business in both B2B and B2C. These elements enable today’s organization to help provide both security and availability of mission critical applications. These devices hold complex configuration that recovering them from a failure might take a long period of time and will cause the organization loss of business.

Unlike most Information Systems within the organization, these products are not properly configured for backup of device setting and configurations. Mostly, organization use a manual operation to backup this type of information and do so in scattered locations and not on a regular basis.

Failure of a single device that does not have both a proper disaster recovery plan and the latest configuration almost always results in downtime for mission critical operations.

The BackBox Solution
Backbox Map
BackBox enables security and network administrators to schedule and monitor element configuration backups and alerts if such backups are not recent.

An intuitive dashboard allows a single view of all networking and security applications and devices and highlights devices that were not recently saved.

A unique multi-check engine, not only verifies that a backup has been performed but also makes sure that the saved configuration meets the criteria needed to make sure that it can be used for restoration of the device or application.
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