Disaster Recovery
Why IT operational efficiency tools are a crucial part of disaster recovery?
Precautions can be taken by IT and security expert for many speculated events which might affect the continuous and smooth running of their Infrastructure.

2013 saw a large number of disasters and extreme weather which affected infrastructure such as electricity, buildings, transportation and communications.

Natural disasters were rampant in 2013, causing widespread damage, chaos and impacting millions of lives. German insurance company Munich Re, said that there were about 880 major natural disasters around the world in 2013. An enormous amount of human lives came to an end, more than double of 2012 with an estimated cost of $125 billion dollars in damage. Disasters included summer hail storms in Germany, floods in Central Europe, multiple storms in the United states with serious flooding in Colorado. The destructive power of typhoons hit coastal regions, islands and also inland regions throughout Southeast Asia.

Whilst data centers are insured to replace their damaged hardware, software and other equipment, most of the IT managers trouble still lies ahead. Reconfiguring tens or hundreds of servers, load balancers, firewalls is complicated and tricky. An Automated Infrastructure Configuration Backup and Recovery solution is crucial to make this process as effort free and painless as possible, saving you from having to reconfigure every single device.
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