The simple way to Backup and Restore device configuration
In today’s complex IT infrastructures, networking and security devices have become critical elements in allowing the continuity of business in both B2B and B2C. These elements enable today’s organization to help provide both security and availability of mission critical applications. These devices hold complex configuration that recovering them from a failure might take a long period of time and will cause the organization loss of business.

Feature Syslog based solutions Open Source
Built-in Multi Vendor Support
Dashboard interface for quick visibility of device status
Multi-Method Backup verification
Delegated Administration
Scheduled Backups *
Off-box storage *
Real-time logging
Reporting *
Real-time device testing
Device Statistics
HTML Job Notification
Device Grouping and Filtering for Large Organizations
VM Support
Full support for new devices types ** *
* Not built-in, requires user customization ** Slow response for new device types
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